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West Virginia is a wonderful place to live and work. From the ideal geographical location and the state government tax incentives, West Virginia is a highly desirable place to establish your business. If you own a business or are looking to establish a new entity, legal issues are the last thing you want to deal with. From establishing, owning and operating a business, the experienced commercial business attorneys at White Law Offices PLLC can help you find success and meet the needs of your business.

The law firms Charleston commercial business lawyers have years of combined experience in various types of businesses and organizations. From running their own companies to serving on the boards of statewide organizations, you can trust the experience White Law Offices PLLC brings to each client.

From Complex Cases To Simple Solutions, We Can Help

Establishing a new business comes with many issues that can benefit from the help of an experienced commercial business lawyer. Even if you are experienced in the world of business, you still may need reputable legal guidance when approaching an issue.

They can help you and your business throughout its lifecycle, including:

  • Choosing a business entity
  • Contracts
  • Government document drafting
  • Commercial financing
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Operational issues

After a business is formed and established, the operational phase takes over. Depending on your business, you may face different types of operational issues that can come up. Common issues include contract disputes, employee issues, audits, government investigations and regulatory compliance issues.

As a small, family-run law firm, they provide personalized service and attention for every client. They always strive to maintain consistent communication, so you know what is happening with your case. From the first consultation, they are proactive and focused on finding favorable resolutions to your business law issues.

Don’t Ignore A Legal Issue In Your Business

If you are facing a legal issue in your business, don’t wait to contact an experienced attorney to help guide you through the process to succeed in your goals. Contact White Law Offices PLLC for experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. Call now at 304-720-1400 or contact them online to schedule a consultation.