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State and Local Tax Policy and Covid-19 Questions

On Behalf of | May 4, 2020 | Firm News

How can municipalities and municipal utilities balance short-term funding needs with tax policy, enforcement, and administration that quickly returns WV cities, towns, and villages to sustained economic recovery? Can cities expand tax bases to generate needed revenue and avoid tax increases or new fees?

Will there be assistance to help businesses and individuals in our local communities?

Ought WV cities, towns, and villages update municipal B&O tax rules to be friendlier to what might be a new normal toward remote and teleworking models?

It is difficult to know all the answers at this time, but WV cities, towns and villages, together with the State of West Virginia, will find a clear path toward economic recovery. A poor choice at any level of state and local government will impair successful recovery. White Law Offices is proud to be working with the West Virginia Municipal League and its members to find solutions.