White Collar Crime & Internal Investigations

White Law Offices, PLLC has the experience necessary to assist you in sensitive internal investigations and fact finding of potential wrongdoing for corporations, governmental entities, 501(c)(3) entities, boards, commissions, officers and officials. The firm’s experience in public finance together with its combined perspectives of public defender, federal law clerk and certified public accountant allow it to review financial data, tax and accounting information for independent analysis and recommendations. Where appropriate, the firm’s attorneys will work to resolve matters before potential public and media scrutiny arises. The attorneys in this practice area have participated in complex examinations comprising such matters as fraudulent schemes, embezzlement, tax fraud and tax evasion. Zealous and strategic representation in such matters have never been more important. In addition to representing individuals, White Law Offices will represent small businesses, tax-exempt organizations and corporations and conduct internal investigations to uncover instances of misconduct, whether part of a government inquiry, private allegations or self-initiated examination.

White Law Offices will handle all types of white collar crime cases including:

  • Tax Fraud And Evasion
  • Accounting Fraud
  • Computer Fraud And Internet Crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Health Care Fraud and Health Care Provider fraud schemes
  • Corporate Internal Investigations, Upjohn warnings