Government Relations

Representation before legislative bodies and executive administrative agencies is a necessity for many entities affected by changes in public policy. If you are represented by someone who does not have a good relationship with key legislators and does not have experience with the sometimes complicated legislative procedures, your positions will often times fall on deaf ears. Additionally, it is important to be represented by someone who has the legislative and administrative drafting experience necessary to ensure that your desired results have the best chances to be implemented.

White Law Offices, PLLC has the experience necessary to represent you before legislative bodies and executive administrative agencies. As a former co-chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party and a former Counsel to the Senate Finance Committee, our past experiences provide us with unique relationships with many legislators and key members of executive agencies that can be helpful in advancing your position. This experience also provides us with the expertise necessary to navigate complicated legislative or administrative procedures that could otherwise harm your positions. We also have considerable experience in drafting legislation, legislative amendments, committee substitutes, rules, rule amendments and white papers.

Even the best public policy initiatives can fail if the message is not conveyed adequately and to the people that matter. The experience we have can be the difference between a message that gets lost in a busy legislative session or one that is effectively conveyed and acted upon when you need it.